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Become a Certified
Life Coach

Our Life Coach Certification Program

The Our Life Arena Certified Coaching Training Program will train and empower coaches to help others discover their purpose in life. Join us today to become a trained, certified and accredited Life Coach who makes a living by making an impact in other people's lives.

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The Our Life Arena Certification Program is right for you if...


You believe your purpose is to help other people 


You've always wanted to be a Life Coach but didn't know how


You enjoy talking to other people and helping them through their struggles


You want to improve your leadership skills 

How does Our Life Arena work? 

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Step 2

Start Training Clients

We provide the platform where you can schedule, book, and manage your clients. All you have to do is what you love, coach them


Step 1

Complete Our 10 Week Coaching Program

Sam Peña, the Founder of Our Life Arena, will coach and train you for 10 weeks 

Working From Home

Step 3


Once you're at this stage, you are working on your own time, working from home, getting paid to do what you love, and letting us take care of the nitty gritty work such as handling the marketing, the legal paperwork, maintaining the website, etc. 


Get to know your Coach

Sam Peña

20+ Years Leadership Experience

Certified Life Coach

Bachelor of Science

in Management



John Maxwell

Certified Coach


Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach


Master of Science in Psychology



Sam Peña is the Founder of Our Life Arena. Sam envisioned a platform where anyone who wanted to learn the skills of a coach would have the opportunity to do so. He provides a user-friendly training program that will not only nurture your spirit and help you overcome personal challenges, but it will also help you Coach other individuals and help them achieve their life goals. Sam caters to each of his client's personal needs in order to unlock their full potential as a Life Coach. Contact us today to start your proactive journey. 

if this is right for you?

  • I want to become a Life Coach but I have no idea how to go about it

  • I am a Life Coach but I don't think I'm ready to start my own practice; I wish I could just work under an already established company

  • I want to Coach people but I don't want to go through the hassle of creating contracts, establishing an LLC, and other legal mumbo jumbo

  • I'm a Life Coach and all I want to do is Coach people, not handle the marketing end of things. I'm not good at that

  • I want to work for a Coaching company that gives me a flexible schedule so I can work on my terms 

Can you relate to the following phrases?

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Still wondering

Ready to become a Life Coach?

Let's do this!

Coaching Program


8 week intensive Coaching program

Certificate of Completion

Become a Certified Life Coach

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