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A new kind of education...

Our Life Lab is a 6-Week curriculum where we teach life skills to high school students in an effort to prepare them for the real world. 





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Here's The Problem

Here's The Solution

Our Life Lab Workshops
consist of the following 3 pillars —


Topic of Discussion

Hour 1

During the first hour we provide a safe environment where our students have the opportunity to discuss current challenges they are facing so they can problem solve as a team while building relationships with their peers.


Life Lesson

Hour 2

During the second hour we facilitate the life skill workshops where our students learn a wide variety of skills that will help them in their transition to adulthood.

Motivational Speaker

Power Hour

Hour 3

We end our workshop with the Power Hour. This hour consists of a set of bonuses such as Ted Talks, Motivational Videos, Guest Speakers and other unconventional and remarkable self-development practices. 

What Kind Of Life Skills Do We Teach?

Goal Setting

Our students learn the importance of having goals, set goals for their future, and learn how to focus while pursuing their goals.

Communication Skills

Our students learn how to actively listen to others, how to remove assumptions from a conversation, and, overall, how to become better communicators. 


Our students learn the importance of authenticity in a conversation, how to ask the right questions in order to build rapport with someone, and how to network in different environments.

How To Get a Job

Our students learn how to find a job online, how to create a resume, and how to properly prepare for an interview.


Our students learn the importance of saving, how to budget their finances, how to plan for expenses, the importance of paying a credit card in a timely manner and the importance of saving money.

Contribution to Others

Our students learn the importance of not being selfish, the different ways to be a giver, the importance of contributing to others and what it takes to be a mentor to someone else. 


Registration For Summer 2023

Now Open !!!


June 15th-July 27th (6 Weeks)

1 Day/Week (Every Thursday)

         June 15, June 22, June 29, (Closed July 6),               July 13, July 20, July 27


Tuition: $375 Per Child