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Life Skill
Self-Development Workshops

"our life lab"

What is Our Life Lab?

Our Life Lab is a monthly 3 hour workshop that teaches life skills to high school students.
The workshops consist of the following three pillars:


Topic of Discussion

Part 1

We provide a growth-inducing environment where our students have the opportunity to discuss current challenges they are facing so they can problem solve as a team while building relationships with their peers.


Life Lesson

Part 2

We provide life skill exercises where our students learn a wide variety of skills that will help them in their transition to adulthood.

Motivational Speaker

Power Hour

Part 3

We end our workshop with the Power Hour. This hour consists of a set of bonuses such as Ted Talks, Motivational Videos, Guest Speakers and other unconventional and remarkable self-development practices. 

What kind of life skills do you teach?

Goal Setting

We often find ourselves struggling to figure out what our next step should be. That's of no surprise. No one taught us how to set life goals. No one taught us how to set 3,5 or 10 year goals. We often don't even ask ourselves what we want to do long term until we are in college or far beyond that. We will be teaching high school students the importance of having goals, how to set goals, and how to choose the right habits that will lead them to their goals.

Communication Skills

Plenty of marriages, friendships, and relationships around the world struggle because of poor communication skills. If you are unable to communicate your needs, feelings, and wants then your relationships will suffer. Great communication skills not only benefits your personal relationships, but your professional relationships as well. Great communication skills allows you to foster great relationships with your co-workers and your boss. Good communication lies at the heart of all relationships. We will be teaching our students how to remove assumptions from a conversation, how to actively listen, and how to communicate their needs.


Networking is one of the most essential life skills one could have. When you network you connect to other people who can present you with opportunities you never imagined. Networking connects you to wonderful, like-minded people who can eventually become life long friends. It is incredibly difficult to find yourself in a position of success if you have not mastered the art of networking. We will be teaching our students the importance of networking, how to network with other people, how to build rapport, and how to take control of a conversation.

How To Get a Job

We all know the feeling of being unemployed while looking for work. It's such a bummer! It's even more challenging when we are fresh off the boat and have never gone on interviews before. We want to make sure our students are prepared for the challenges of finding work by teaching them how to apply for a job, how to create a resume, and how to go on an interview. 


Why is it that the majority of people learn finances the hard way? They learn the importance of saving money and investing after 20 years of financial neglect? For some reason, we have accepted this as the status quo, but we believe it doesn't have to be this way for the next generation. We can teach our youth financial literacy so they don't have to struggle the way we did. Furthermore, we teach our students: the importance of saving money, how to plan for surprise expenses, credit card management, money management, and the process of cash flow.

Contribution to Others

And finally, contribution to others. What good is it to be successful unless you can share that success with others? We will be teaching our students how fulfilling it is to be a giver, different ways of giving, and how to mentor someone else. 


Registration For Summer 2023

Now Open !!!



June 15th-July 27th (6 Weeks)

1 Day/Week (Every Thursday)

           June 15, June 22, June 29, (Closed July 6),             July 13, July 20, July27


Tuition: $375 per child

Tuition: $375 per child

Tuition: $375 per child

Register now and we will let you know when we launch

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OMAAT Academy isn't just a program; it's a movement. This is a movement geared towards giving our children an education in life.

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OMAAT Academy isn't just a program; it's a movement. This is a movement geared towards giving our children an education in life.

Support our movement today.

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