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A new kind of education... 

We are all familiar with the concept of school education, but we are offering a new type of education: an education in life. OMAAT Academy helps parents and their children thrive in all areas of their life by teaching them the necessary life skills needed to succeed. OMAAT Academy has proudly partnered up with United Way of Kern County to present several programs which will help us revolutionize the way we see education. Click below to learn more or browse the rest of this page to see what programs we provide. 

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The Problem...

The Solution...

Our Life Lab teaches our youth valuable life skills that aren't taught in the traditional school system such as, but not limited to: Goal Setting, Networking, How to Find a Job, Finances, & Contribution to Others. 


Our Life Lab

Life skills


Our Life Arena

Individual Coaching

Our Life Arena is our membership program for adults looking to reach their full potential in life. We assign you one Life Coach that will teach you how to take control of your life and will help take your fulfillment and happiness to the next level. 

Sponsor a Child

OMAAT Academy isn't just a program; it's a movement. This is a movement towards better education for our children where we provide them with the mental tools that were never provided to us. We have a Donors Monthly plan where you have the opportunity to make recurring donations on a monthly basis. Your donation, whether large or small, helps us fund children who can't afford our programs. Here are some reasons why you should consider donating...

Where does the money go?



Every dollar you donate goes towards a child that can't afford our program. The more people that sign up as a monthly Donor the more teenagers get scholarships. It takes as little as $5 a month to make a difference.

VR Headset


Your donations go towards props. We would love to spoil our students as much as possible but sometimes the budget just doesn't cut it. Every dollar you donate goes towards better quality props so that these children have the proper tools they need to thrive. 

Young Teacher


If you are or know a teacher you understand the effort, responsibility and courage it takes to guide a group of teenagers. All of your donations go towards supporting the staff members.

Conference Event


We have a lot of great ideas planned for our students. We are going to help them find a job, go on fun field trips with them, and we will take them to self-growth workshops. Your donations go towards development costs for these fun events.

Leadership Pricing

Make The Change You've Been Waiting For

These are some of the services we specialize in:




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